How to Take the Ideal Mugshot Pose.

Welcome to Evil Week, when we delve yearly into all the dubious hacks that we would normally advise against. We've got all the information you need to be successfully unsavoury, whether your goal is to play intricate mind games, launder som...

Nov 2, 2023 - 01:00
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How to Take the Ideal Mugshot Pose.

Welcome to Evil Week, when we delve yearly into all the dubious hacks that we would normally advise against. We've got all the information you need to be successfully unsavoury, whether your goal is to play intricate mind games, launder some money, or weasel your way into free drinks.

Look your best in your mugshot, no matter what kind of person you are—a famously conceited plutocrat turning himself in to the police after being accused of numerous financial felonies, someone who's taken the Mona Lisa from the Louvre, or someone who got busted in Rochester with a bag of pot.

In addition to serving as a record of your arrest for some ridiculous reason, mugshots can also be used by police to identify you should you commit crimes in the future. These are ideal for framing or printing on a t-shirt, and since they are frequently made available to the public upon request, you should look your best because they may be associated with your name online indefinitely.

Sincere counsel regarding mugshots for regular people.

Your mugshot is a public relations ploy if you're a politician, an entertainer, or some hideous cross between the two. It will be viewed by a large audience and, in part, impact your public persona and career.

Common arrestees worry about things other than making a big impression in a lineup later on and avoiding anything that could damage their case. Therefore, refrain from acting erratically when you're being booked. Don't grin. Refrain from grinning. Act normal. Make an effort to project an air of innocence and nonchalance.

Making preparations pays off.

If fortune be with you, you're turning in rather than having to be roused from bed at five in the morning. me. ), you will be able to get ready. Don a shirt that won't cover up your makeup. Verify the style of your hair. Trim. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so look good. Despite his three-year sentence, the impeached former majority leader of the house, Tom Delay, appears impeccably well-groomed in the mugshot above.

If you're not handcuffed, try your best to fix your hair and remove the spray paint from your mouth. Even if you're not allowed to turn yourself in to the police, being booked for a crime entails a lot of waiting around.

The expression is the key to mugshots.

In general, mugshots are not the most attractive pictures. The angles are precise and harsh; typically, one shot is taken directly ahead of the other and one on either side because they are intended to make their subjects identifiable rather than beautiful. It has harsh lighting. Your imperfections, contrast, and color saturation won't be altered by anyone.

Usually, all you have to work with is your expression on your face, along with a slight inclination of your head. Nevertheless, a little can accomplish a lot. Here are a few poses to consider while you lounge in the holding cell.

The smile.

Slight smirks are usually present in the most stylish mugshots. For an iconic example, check out Jimi Hendrix's famous "Can you believe this shit?" expression. Aside from Hendrix, who lived a defiant and rad life every day of his life, the problem with the smirk is that, while it may look defiant and rad, that's probably not the vibe you want to project when you're accused of a crime.

The grin.

In your mugshot, avoid smiling. even if complimentary tacos are included. Despite your best efforts, the effect of "I don't care in the world" comes across as pathetic and insensitive in this situation. Look at the mugshot of Brittany Wilson up top. She has a gorgeous, radiant smile, but she was just arrested for fatally stabbing her spouse with a sword. I'm not sure what happened (she reported the incident to the police and entered a not guilty plea to the murder charge), but she appears to have killed her husband with a sword stab. The Daily Mail in the United States. G. even used the chance to poke fun at her from the other side of the globe.

The glossy picture.

Paris Hilton, a trailblazer of reality television and cultural icon, knows how to strike a pose. She looks stylish and unflappable in her 2006 mugshot, even after being arrested for drug possession. A lifetime of unfathomable luxury may be necessary to master a pose like this, though.

the stern look.

Being fake is not an option if you plan to mean-mug the booking facility's camera. Fail miserably at appearing tough is the epitome of pitiful. Look at Johnny Cash's iconic "My life is a harder prison than you can imagine" mugshot for ideas. I think this perfectly captures the point, even though it was apparently taken as a joke with the guards prior to Cash's performance at Folsom prison.

Think of Jane Fonda.

Although Jane Fonda's iconic mugshot was made possible by her defiantly raised fist, I doubt you could get away with it in the modern era. In 2023, if you attempted to give a Vulcan "Live long and prosper" or a peace sign, I imagine the officers would tell you to stop and take a different photo. You're just asking to be chosen from a lineup of photos even if they don't.

The "pleasant challenge".

Although he was an American hero and a symbol of the civil rights movement, John Lewis was also a mugshot hero. After Lewis was arrested for riding a freedom ride and using a restroom reserved for white people, this photo was taken. The energy is one of "everything you know will crumble to dust.". It appears as though he is feeling sorry for the jerk who is taking his photo. Amazing, and it only makes him more legendary that he tweeted it out later in life while serving as a congressman.

One Bowie.

Don't even attempt to have a mugshot as awesome as David Bowie's (taken when he and Iggy Pop were arrested in New York on drug-related charges). There is no way that it will occur. There is no way that your mugshot, which is listed at $6,100, will ever be purchased by anyone.


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